2019 Klein Baseball Banquet Registration

Coat & Tie/Dress Attire

RSVP by April 23rd

HONORED GUEST: Coaches, Players & Trainers (Supporting Staff) 

Special Guests are invited by Coach Smith

For any questions contact Amanda Eldridge at 832-585-2662 or via email by clicking here

  • This tab is for parents & dates of players

    PLEASE NOTE: SEATING IS LIMITED so each player is limited to parents and a date only.

    This is also the tab you'll select to purchase the following: 

  • PLEASE NOTE: Only Coaches, Players, Trainers & Special Guest invited by Coach Smith will register here.

    Parents: You'll register your player as an Honored Guest on this tab and then return to this page to register yourselves and any other guest on the tab above (Guests).