The 1971-72 Klein Bearkat Baseball Team

After a 22-year absence as champions, the 1971-72 Klein Bearkats were the team that started the new era.

The 1971-72 Team Roster

First Row: David Weis (outfield), Stephen Kramer (2nd base), Randy Mittlesteadt (outfield), Keith Jacobsen (3rd base), Ronnie Theiss (outfield), Rickey Theiss (pitcher)

Second Row: Coach Max Redman, Donnie Wisnoske (outfield), Danny Wood (3rd base and captain), Steve Trahan (pitcher), Barry Morris (2nd base and shortstop), Daniel Theiss (catcher), Ricky Platt (outfield), Grant Holmes (pitcher)

Third Row: Doug Wood (pitcher), Ken Jacobsen (outfield), Rex Doerre (shortstop and captain), Ken Feltch (1st base), Mike Pittman (outfield), Dwight Toland (outfield), Glynn Trahan (outfield and 2nd base)

danny wood swings team to victory

Note in the photo to the right: the UIL umpires wore shorts, a t-shirt and their chest protector only. Notice the dugout in the background. The first "dugout" for the Bearkats was built in latter 1972, which consisted of a metal "box" covered with a cage. The team thought they were "up-town" then!

The 1972 Season

In the photo to the left: if you look hard enough, you may notice that there is no outfield fence. The outfield was defined by a rope which was put out before all home games. Some home runs that were hit were based on the integrity of the outfielder. All balls hit under the rope were ground rule doubles.