The 1972-73 Season

The 1972-73 Team Roster - Zone Champions

Top Row: S. Gosselin (outfield), K. Jacobsen (outfield), D. Toland (outfield), D. Theiss (catcher), K. Walling (outfield and 1st base), M. Pittman (outfield), G. Holmes (pitcher), Coach Max Redman

Middle Row: S. Warner (team manager), G. Trahan (2nd base), M. Feltch (1st base), R. Williams (catcher), B. Morris (shortstop), K. Jacobsen (3rd base)

Bottom Row (sitting): P. Wright (outfield), S. Kramer (2nd base), R. Kreger (outfield), S. Trahan (pitcher)

Right-hand pitcher Doug Wood was the first and only one-armed pitcher in Texas baseball. He compiled a 3-year record of 17 wins and 6 losses. He had a lifetime batting average of .257